Thursday, 14 August 2008


Old Town

Opss.. Here's some nice pictures!
Didn't have the time to update that day.

We had our oral exams.
Yeah.. we done it well, great, excellent, ...
And we get Distinction! (Lecturer told us).

Maybe because we did not make any notes to know what we gonna say once we get the question in the exam. Both of us agreed in 'live performance' lol where Jenette is the one who ask and I'm the one who answer.

Our Question is Tour Agent and Tourist.

After that, we went to Warisan Square to find something? Don't remember what's that.. but then at last we went to One Borneo because of.....
Actually we went to One Borneo just to find Pilate Mat.
At first, we saw that the Royal Sport House Centre Point got offer! But the stupid worker in Royal Sport House Centre Point say "ONLY ONE BORNEO HAVE IT" and once we went there, Royal Sport House One Borneo say

Don't care about it..
We had our lunch in Old Town

See how Jenette eat. Lol.

Aah.. here's the toasts and curry!
Picture Below: Sandwich Tuna

Picture Below: French Toast

Picture Below: Curry

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