Thursday, 21 August 2008


Butter cake with Raisins

ting-tinkerbell for you~

How to do it? All you need is..
5 eggs
1 cup of sugar
2 cup of flour
Vaporated Milk
Picture Below: Here's some idea for you

Picture Below: Butter and SugarPicture Below: Add on FlourPicture Below: Add on EggsPicture Below: Add on Vaporated milkPicture Below: The RaisinPicture Below: The Raisin mix it up with Flour because.. (scroll down I'll tell you why)Picture Below: Mix it up all togetherPicture Below: Mix it well by turning one sidePicture Below: Must Spread Butter then Flour because...... (Scroll down to see why)Picture Below: Pour it inPicture Below: In to OvenPicture Below: Nice and Delicious!Simple rite?
This is actually my family recipe and Mummy is my Sifu!
To know the Why?
Why the Raisins have to be mixed up with flour?
It is because to prevent the Raisins stay underneath the cake.
Why have to spread butter then flour?
It is to prevent the cake stick it's side. So it will be easier to serve if it's not sticked.

It's done and gave it to Yvonne and my dear Caren yesterday night.
Don't know why I keep on kissing Caren yesterday night >.<
*Kiss Kiss* lol
It's a good timing that I baked this cake.
Maybe it's a sign from God to let me know it's Yvonne Birthday?

I confirmed it is when I asked Caren when she fetch me to Yum cha and we both spend Yvonne and her future husband YoYo. It's funny when the time they ate. You know why? There are 2 toasts and 2 drinks. One doesn't love to drink pepermint but love pudding. One doesn't eat garlic toast but Tuna. Luckily what we take away, is suitable their taste.

Yvonne future husband react like O_O when he ate the garlic toast and keep on saying that he never eat Yoyo Toast. lol.

Back to story!
Then it's 9.30 when we went out and desperately find candles. It's too late and the candle that selling at stores, was the candle that... burn when there's no electricity? Lol.

Guess what? No worries!
She have candles in her room.
Picture Below: Happy Birthday Yvonne

Picture Below: Best Buddy of All Years! Mwahkx
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