Sunday, 10 August 2008


Anniversary 08

Today have a little time to update my blog.

Well.. this time I'm gonna blog something about me!
2307 is the date of Aldrich and I,
Where we started our stories.
Since we are still young and free.. Lol.
Since we are still in All Saints.

We had together for.. 1845 days til now and so on.
You all can see it from my blog as you scroll down to the end.

This year's anniversary, finally we can celebrate it.
Cause mostly both of us are in different distination where we can't celebrate all the festivals and holidays together. Before this year, I was in West Malaysia and he's in East Malaysia. Both of us was having our own studies. It had been 4 years we are having such long distance relationship. We are only able to see and meet each other one month which is the beginning of every year to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We had our dinner in Little Italy.
Which I didn't expected him to bring me.
He wore the shirt and I bought to him, and I wear as pretty as I can plus make ups. Mummy was looking at me when I'm making up-ing. Lol and I told her why.
Here's the food..

Picture Below: Pizza

Picture Below: LagsanaIt actually cost.. RM 65+

This Restaurant are not found in West Malaysia! So Feel free to come Sabah the Borneo!

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