Friday, 22 August 2008


Avril Lavigne Concert

People all around Malaysia are saying about this and the Topic is HOT now! Why don't I blog it too? Lol..

What I think about this cancellation is NON SENCE.
Okay, now why?

Think about it yourself.
Why Singers come to our country and sing?
Strip off herself? No right?
She's just promoting herself to increase her album and be famous (that's what singer do) and Hey.. She loves her fans just like her fans loves her. So why can't she continue her concert?

Did you know she's crying inside? Deep inside her heart?
I ask you then.
Did you ever see those girls wearing like that Avril's been wearing since the day her first album was selling in store? Look at them. Aren't they the same? Why don't you kick off those girls which is 'La la Mui' in this country? Think of that.

Those 'La la Mui' are born in this country which is MALAYSIA.
So, is it a shame that they are wearing those? In public?
I don't even know why they wanted to wear like that +.+
And more, it's not very 'Malaysiannn looo..'

Why don't you ban all the website showing in worldwide?
Like Friendster.
Those 'cutey' girls loves to act cute by showing half of their boobs for their primary pictures.

More to say.
When singers came to your country, won't you feel happy cause your country are still consider as a country that singer can step to. You know what I mean?

Don't you think this can increase our country's tourism line?
Think about it.
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