Sunday, 31 August 2008


The Love Guru

Yesterday night went out with Jenette for The Love Guru.
Well, it's a funny movie actually. Too bad we missed out some part of the beginning cause we both are busy. Jenette busy of buying 1901 and I was busy going to the toilet. Lol.

This movie?
Wow.. I don't even know about it.
Jenette asked me to go, then I go.
Suddenly she tell me, "Got Jessica Alba Ooh!!"
I was like " O_O WHAT?!?!?!"
Who knows suddenly Justin Timberlake was in the movie too and with mustache? Lol.
The way Justin talk?! Find out yourself!

Jessica Alba was doing the Indian Dancing too.
She's hot! She also sings indian songs. Wow!!

The whole cinema non stop laughing!
Oh ya! There's a scene of the elephant.
For distraction~~~~ lol!

After that, we went for check on the dress that I wanted to wear in a wedding dinner of my friend. Too bad they really close straight at 9.30pm.
So we went to jalan-jalan and pass over juice up and what Jenette said was true. We felt disappointed of our friend's reaction like nothing. Then we pass by body shop and lucky Jenette remember it was 25% off for that day only. I bought a Passion Fruit Body Scrub and a Shampoo for Oil Control.

Then we ended up having our 'Yum Cha' time in Secret Recipe.
Jenette ordered Lamb Stew and a Cafe Latte.
I ordered a Mushroom Soup and a Vanila Latte.
Picture Below: Lamb StewPicture Below: Vanila LattePicture Below: Cafe LatteHere I uploaded some video for you.
Click it and you'll see Dancing Cafe.

By that time Jenette sent me home, 8 minutes more for Merdeka but we didn't count down cause it is dangerous for her to walk up her home that late at night. On my way home, I saw few people holding our Malaysia flags while they are cyling.
Proud to be Malaysian
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