Tuesday, 2 September 2008


New day for the past

Gambatte to everyone.

New assignments out.
New notes out.
New stationary have to buy.
New idea have to think.
New you are here.

Same old faces we will see.
Same old school we have to go.
Same old people we are going along.
Same liang moi teacher we have to face.
Same old name of yours are still yours.

Old faces some had gone.
Old ideas had gone.
Old bad attitute had gone.
Old book have to throw or burn.
Old days are a good memories.

Be yourself and Be strong!
Nevermind of your previuos results.
Struggle hard and you will do better.
It's already a past tense.
It's already a fact.
So make the present be good and great!
Never give up!


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