Thursday, 11 September 2008


Transformation of Kota Kinabalu

Sorry that I abandoned my blog few days. Too busy of assignments.

Few days back have a talk with my dear Jackson in MSN.
Well, we really have so much to talk!
Even political matters.. lol.

So, he told me that there will be transformation in Kota Kinabalu. I thought he was saying about developing new buildings in here but then I misunderstood him. Kota Kinabalu had developed many.. not many.. but too many of shopping malls.

One Borneo, successful but too far and dangerous.
Times Square, the place is good and the external design of the building are really nice and I'm impress of Sabah developers but less people doing business there and stop by there.
Warisan Square, most happening place (for me), before. Now.. because of One Borneo, some of the shops and restaurant (Delifrance) had moved to 1Borneo.

So is it suppose to be..
If I really really wanna have any of my 3 meals in Delifrance, issit I need to drive to One Borneo? So far.. and I miss Delifrance.

I really don't understand why they didn't think of opening the restaurant in both shopping mall instead of one. Hey, double up money and business! Skin Food is also the same case and closed in Merdeka shopping mall and open in One Borneo. I started to change my beauty stuffs to Body Shops because I can get discounts. Lol. Thanks to Jenette! I think I'll register for member soon.

Okay come back come back..

Jackson was saying there will be changes in the city!
I was like 'whattt?!?'
He told me that the concept is more alike as Hong Kong.
Hmm.. Take a look then!

All Pictures above was sent by Jackson from London.
He so concern about Malaysia horrrrrr.... Lol
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