Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Gifts from Taiwan

Mooncake Festival is coming~
So have you bought any mooncakes for your family?
I'm gonna buy one from my friend.
It's a Chocolate + Pepermint Mooncake.
Weird but I ordered it. Lol..

I'm not going to say about Mooncake in this post.

Now here's the gift from Taiwan.
That day I went to this place in Taiwan.
It was a place with greens and mountains.
It's cold up there!

Picture Below: Some place in Taiwan

Lol.. It's actually a box!!
Did I get you?
I think nope... -_-"
My humour is bad.

Picture Below: The Box

Picture Below: Box Inside
Well, What is this?
I also don't know what is this actually but it smells good and it is delicious. The favour of it are Pineapple. It is not crunchy but soft.

Picture Below: Overall ViewPicture Below: The bitePicture Below: Food with an Egg York

It's a gift from my mum's friend and mostly he will give us this from Taiwan.

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