Sunday, 7 September 2008


Dinner for my Sister

Picture Below: The Map shows how story begin Picture Below: The Menu

As she just came back, of course we head to restaurant and celebrate!

We went to Moonbell Restaurant which I went there for like thousand times. The Location of this place is beside the 7eleven of Kota Kinabalu and Opposite the KK Emporium. It was a Chinese-Indian restaurant and it's serve no pork but beer. So considered as non Halal. Depends. For me, I think it's Halal cause they did not serve pork dishes. Beer is another case.

The menu that they prepared is only that menu. Nothing else because if there are too many food that can be choose in menu, customer might not know or sure what they wanted to eat. Hmm.. In this case when I sat on the table in that restaurant, I know what my family members will order. Although it is kinda expensive, but the food is unique and good.

Well, sometimes when people really wanna enjoy in eating or travelling, just take the money out. No point in saying that.. ' I have no money to eat ' during your holidays.

This is life. Hahahha.
Picture Below: Lamb

Picture Below: Peking Duck and Brinjal

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