Saturday, 13 September 2008


Cow's Poo Poo

Chinese Pronunciation of Chloe克洛怡 Aldrich奥德里奇

Never saw a Cow's Poo Poo?
My type of Cow's Poo Poo is a food!
Yummy one~

Selling everyday in Iramanis there.
It's originate from Sandakan!
Sandakan have lots of delicious food there!
Same as Penang in West Malaysia where people used to find food there!
The actual name of this tart is,
'Gau Si Tart' in Chinese.
Translation in English is Cow's Poo Tart.
Picture Below: Three Poo Poos
Picture Below: Poo Poo that I'm gonna eatPicture Below: Inside of the Poo Poo
When you see it here from the picture,
You will say and think 'Eeeuuu.. Gross!'
When you put in in your mouth and eat,
You will say 'I want it more!!!!'

I remember the first person who buy this stuffs for me to eat.. Meatball. Yeah it's you.

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