Sunday, 21 September 2008


Dinner at Mango

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It's FOOD TIME!! Long time didn't blog about food~

Just now around 8pm,
My family and I went for dinner in Mango Cafe.
This restaurant located at Asia City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
It belongs to my cousin!! (found out he look like dad. LOL)

You can view Mango's Blog anytime!
He stated everything in the Mango Cafe KK blog including cellphone number, address, menus, food, environment, and so on.

Okies, here is the food!

Picture Below: The Menu (Can be found in His Blog)

Picture Below: Green Curry with BrinjalPicture Below: Fried RicePicture Below: Pandan ChickenPicture Below: Curry FishPicture Below: Dad's hand. Nonstop eating even only the sauce left.Picture Below: Otak Otak (Can't believe is a new dish. Just found out when I trying to link his blog in here. Lucky us!)Picture Below: Red RubyPicture Below: Custard Pumpkin (Mum really love this)

Missed out some of the pictures because once the food served on the table, then Meatball serve us straight away~ kakakkaka.

Never mind, never mind.. wanna know more? GO and EAT!

Really hope my cousin will be successful in his carrier! Good Luck!!

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