Saturday, 27 September 2008


Gourmet Pie

I found out one dish from Secret Recipe.
But the first time I had this was in Dome.

Well, the differences between this dish in Secret Recipe and Dome is that, of course the environment is totally different. The price as well. It was like, Dome - RM20+ and Secret Recipe - RM10+. The taste? Hmm.. I really can't judge it because I'll just eat whatever that can be eat! lol

I found it unique and its really make me full just for this little bowl of pie!

Underneath of the pie was the mushroom soup, so when you gonna start to eat that, you have to push the pie down just to let it become juicy. The moment you put it in your mouth, hot and juicy *Slurrrppps*

Picture Below: The complete look of the Gourmet Pie

Picture Below: The Juicy PiePicture Below: Preparing to put it in my mouth!
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