Sunday, 14 September 2008


Mooncake Festival Dinner

I was rushing to take my dinner just now. Because I once I online, everyone seems like non stop msn me and sms me. In the same time? For all? God! It's a good sign that my friends miss me! Hahahha!
My mum always say must eat early for all Festival.
So today when I was snapping all the foods pictures,
Hmmm.. Kinda.. Not nice. Not Pretty leh!
Sob sob.. But never mind. You know why?
Pictures not nice never mind,
Food nice it's all nice! HAha!!

My mum say something about Aldrich before we eat.
*Shocked* She was saying that,
If Aldrich was here, Mum surely also ask him to come and have a dinner with us. But too bad, he was in Miri having his studies. No good stuffs to eat. Hmm.. but his house owner had invited him for dinner last Friday, he rejected cause he have celebration of Mooncake Festival in Church. At least he have Mooncake to eat? Lol!
Love You Baby!

Delicious dinner we had just now!
Stew Pork with Lettuce, Duck, Chicken, Fish, Mushroom with Gamat and Bao Bei.
All..... all what?
Yeahh.. All Meat! Look my list again.. Lol.. Correct?
We are great meat eaters!!
But.. I love Vegetables too la..
We are not that Scary~

Specially to my dear Jackson, who live alone out there in London. Kesian him cannot eat Chinese good food~ lol!!
Happy Mooncake day to all my other dears!
Caren, Audrey, Avy, Erin, Charlene, Sharon and Mimie.

Picture Below: Stewed Pork with Lettuce
Picture Below: Roasted DuckPicture Below: Steamed ChickenPicture Below: Halia with Chili and Kicap (Hainam way to eat with chicken)Picture Below: Mushroom with Bamboo Shoot, Gamat and Bao Bei (I love this one most and All Time!)
So Do you enjoy your dinner?
Happy Mooncake Festival!
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