Friday, 5 September 2008


Emirates Flight and My Sister

GBP 1 . = MYR 6.3
1 kg .... = GBP 48
8 kg .... = GBP 384
8 kg .... = MYR 2419.20

Get a call from my sister just now.
She called from UK airport and she was searching for mum.
I thought she 依依不舍 don't wanna leave UK but then she called because of the overweight thingy.

In the airport there, the girl at the counter there told my sister that she need to pay for the overweight luggage. Which was okay.. Pay lo what to do? But then, the girl told my sister that 1kg = GBP 48. Which means...................... Malaysia Ringgit 2419.20.

How come?
When I search in the Emirates Website, it stated there GBP 35. Hope I was not wrong in searching the wrong information. How if they trying to cheat my sister for overcharged her?

This is not the only chargers she need to solve because from United Kingdom, she's arriving to Dubai first then change flight again to Kuala Lumpur to Sabah! So, maybe there's one more chargers.

But anyway..
She's coming back!
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