Friday, 26 September 2008


I have to say 'I miss you'

It's been a while that I left Tar College.

Kinda miss those days where all the lecture halls been packed by the DQS students. When the time we have our lecture, we will just buy junk food and eat it while the lecturer are teaching. Not just one person eating those stuffs but as for my group, we are sitting in a row. So we passed our food one by one. Lol. The last person who take the food is the most rugi one cause no more left. Haha. But lucky our group always think about others before ourselves. Love them!
Picture Below: In lecture hall with Kenny and Dolly
I remembered my very first Squash team in college just to get the 2 credits =.=
Picture Below: Champion of Squash
Doing the dirty work in Lab where we mix up the aggregates, cement and water. Sometimes we just taking the measurement in the whole area of the college with lots of students all over the college watching at us.

Picture Below: In Lab

We also will have some shopping day for all of us to distress and also celebrating birthdays and exercise!
Picture Below: In front of NandoPicture Below: YangPing, Me, and ShiPicture Below: The four brothers(6仔, 7仔, 8仔, 9仔)Picture Below: Me and Koay YanPicture Below: Jogging (Kenny, Koay Yan, Me, Shi, Hw)

During the holidays, we went for holiday trips. Enjoying the fun together and sleep together. Gaining our relationship day by day. I really miss that.

Picture Below: GirlsPicture Below: Guys

Picture Below: Wait for the sunrise early in the morning

Picture Below: Group Photo with the kite

Picture Below: Saying goodbye (Kuantan)

Picture Below: Doing stupid things (Midnight)

Friends would ask me to help in taking pictures of them

Picture Below: Yen the Model
Wondering did my friends in KL ever miss me or anything?

Sometimes I felt being push out to the side while I'm with them. Perhaps that is my problem cause I really can't talk much in a big crowd (I'm trying to change that). But there is one time, when I really need help, they did help. That had let me gain the relationship between all of those who support me. Thanks to all!

Picture Below: Our last D-rex Christmas Party
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