Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Photoshoot for Individual Profile

This is the moment of fear that I actually need to wear a white tube and swimwear for photo shoot!

Well, it’s true that I did this kind of thing that a professional photographer was shooting my pictures. Posing, style, hmm ... all that. I don’t really know how and I just do my best for every shoot. If you can see, my expressions were kind of, shyyyy. Haha! Well, first time. :)

So, this is the results! It is all taken on 17th July 2010.

Not bad huh? I’m shocked when I saw these pictures because I never think that my body shape changed! Do I sound horrible? Haha! I’m just happy when I see the results because it seems like I’m no longer the ‘big size’ one! Almost actually but I’m happy because I can see my efforts and commitment in this event.

Wanna know the reason why and how? Let me compare my picture before and after the audition.

Picture Below: Before and After
Pictures credit Benny Liew

See the difference?
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