Wednesday, 25 August 2010


7K Sunset Charity Run in action

Oh yea where I gonna start?
I remembered before the pageant week... Okay, let’s start from here!

Before pageant week, I remembered that I did blogged about the 7K Run right?
On the 10th July 2010, Sutera Habour have this 7K Sunset Charity Run. That day I was sick and I want to do something for MBTQI. So, I decided to go and I was there with my family, and I manage to meet Abbey and Marie. That day was the second time that I met Marie. At first, I was all alone and luckily Abbey called me and ask whether am I in Sutera. So, this is why three of us run together! :D Running with them was fun and I get to laugh non stop when they started to talk.

Picture Below: Chloe, Marie, and Abbey
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