Wednesday, 25 August 2010


68kgs went to 58kgs within 7 weeks!

Before Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010 Audition, I have lost 2kgs.
I have forgotten how I lose weight at this moment but I took lots and lots of Pilates classes in KK Pilates Studio with Regina. Classes are really good for me and she really helps me a lot to prepare myself for the beauty pageant. She’s really a supportive friend and teacher to me.

After Audition and Before the Pageant Week, I have lost 5kgs.
Cassandra Patrick told me to avoid taking rice, and I did. At the meantime, I changed my appetite to half vegetarian. For about 3 weeks and 4 days, I have lost approximately 5kgs. Not to forget about Pilates too every night! But in between those days, I did took some Lamb Chop, Pizza Hut, things like that too because of celebration haha! What do I take? I cut down my portions and to eat healthily! Simple at it is! And for me, I love to add some creativity on my foods. Check out the pictures!

Breakfast or Lunch (This can be taken at both times either breakfast or lunch):
Wholemeal bread + Lettuce + Tomatoes + Ham/ Tuna
Oat + Honey/ Fruits

Fish and Salad or Fruits

Not to be too happy because my friends really shocked that I can lose weight within a month. So, they said, “You slim down really fast, means that you can gain weight fast too!” So, beware! Everybody’s body type is not the same thou. In between, Cassandra told me that I can go for CORE Fitness to work out and it’s for free. Really thank you Cass and to CORE but I only get to go few times because of my schedules.

Pictures Below: Different taste of Sandwiches. Tuna/ Ham
Pictures Below: Oats + Apple (Taste really good!)
 Pictures Below: Fruits Fruits Fruits!

During Pageant Week, I have lost 2kgs.
For real, I eat anything that I could but I still eat under control. I tried to take salad instead of Lamb Chop or Steak even though it’s tempting when I saw someone did actually order it when we all shared few dishes together ;) Every day during the pageant week, we tried to wake up early with basic make ups and took our breakfast at Tanjung Ria Cafe, Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. I really love the Coco Crunch and almost every day I had it after my first try. Not only that, the croissants and buns are nice, fruits are delicious especially the dragon fruits. What I do, I tried to avoid oily foods. I remembered what Stella Matilda told me, “Take fruits or juices before taking your main dishes” and I listened.

For me, I sometimes couldn’t eat less but to eat more because I knew that I need energy to practice and to go on with the daily activities. Stay healthy is what important. With that, stresses are what we had so I think that makes me lost weight during the pageant week. Haha. Lunch and dinner sometimes at Mosaic but still we also had our dinner at Cock and Bull, Jesselton Point because that is the official restaurant for this pageant.

After Pageant Week, I have lost 1kg.
I really scared that I would go back to basic. So, now I am 59kgs and I just couldn’t let it go back with a 6 in front. Maybe, plus a little stress in life and a mission to go 55kg. Haha! To tell you the truth, I eat lots after the pageant week. For real! I ate Lamb Chop, KFC, Lamb Stew, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and I ate rice! Haha!

That’s all for my lose weight plan and I hope this really helps and inspire for those who wants to lose weight because it really works on me without taking any pills or slimming tea, anything! Just in case, this is what I want to tell you guys. First, must have a positive mind. Don't care what other people said that you are big or whatsoever because I did received harsh comments from the others before, during and even after the pageant weeks. For me, we must love ourselves and our body because our body listens to us. And I could tell you this, a lot of people have been talking about me for my body shape and my waistline. Well, I just have to admit that I have a 29 inch waist (now 28 inch hehehe and before, you don't wanna know it haha) but I am there to prepare myself and to improve myself. Yet, I prove it because I am Chloe :D

I am who I am and the most important part in ourselves, is our inner beauty. The heart.

Stay tune dears! Love you lots  <3


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

5kgs is cool ord la k! hehe congrats to u! yes its TRUE that inner beauty is what really matter actually. :)

Bianca said... really have lost a LOT from the previous i saw u ! i was shocked when i met u in shenni !! you're so brilliante ! hahaha...anyway, u can try go for marie france bodyline also. the massage was fabulous ! i won a package thru my previous pageant. RM3000. and guess what, i only wanted to go there n relax n wanted pppl to massage for me but i din realise that i went for 2 times , and i lost my weight 4 kg. and of course the shape of the body really de "sok" .. cos they have this re-shaping wrap ! quite good .... may try .. may try ... btw, good to see u on diet plan. the food tat u prepared, was makes me drool babe. mind to do me one !?? pls???

♫╬ ChloeTiffany ╬♪ said...

Caroline: Haha! Thanks dear!

Bianca: Thanks dear! You're so lucky! I didn't get any free package but only sash, trophy, and crown for each titles! 2 times and 4 kg? That's a lot! Next time you bring me hahaha! and yes, if you want the foods, I can make some for you hahha!

Mary Sherlynz @ Lombidotz said...

yes gal..u rilly did inspired us. u lose weight wat ur waistline was 29..u WON 2 titles anyway...u hv put a healthy standard for every girls to achieve! for those who talks bad abt u, i think dats how they were taught to handle emotional situation..

♫╬ ChloeTiffany ╬♪ said...

Thanks Mary!!
Kakakak! It's 3 titles ehh! hohoho!! >.<! Sorry ahhh make you guys blur blurrr haven't blog all about the pageant kekeke! I really hope I really really inspired everyone! Confidence, especially! I love my experience. Really! I see more, I learn more!


♫╬ ChloeTiffany ╬♪ said...

Thanks Mary!!
Kakakak! It's 3 titles ehh! hohoho!! >.<! Sorry ahhh make you guys blur blurrr haven't blog all about the pageant kekeke! I really hope I really really inspired everyone! Confidence, especially! I love my experience. Really! I see more, I learn more!