Friday, 27 August 2010


Open Water Course Day 2, 3, and 4

Every day, we ought to gather at Sutera Habour Marina Jetty at 8.30am. So on the first day when I reached there, my oh my I can see lots of tourists were walking around and I’m trying my best to find “Borneo Divers” booth because I only knew Sea Quest. Then, I saw the others and they were just sitting there, waiting for the rest and the boat as well.

Mamutik Island is our learning and diving spot. It only takes about 10 minutes to reach to the island and that is my first time to go Mamutik. To tell you the truth, I only went to Manukan Island and Gayana Eco Resort. No worries, I will be visiting more islands when I can effort a short trip. Well, my ride on the boat was awesome and I just love it when the easy breezy wind blows when I reach the island. I saw lots of tourists were playing around, having their sun bath, snorkelling as well as diving too.

When you walk along the port to the ground, lots of little fishes were actually underneath the walkway and there are making a circle. Borneo Divers spot is right at the corner where we need to walk about 2 minutes and there are few tables and chairs surrounding. Sometimes we just chill out, chit chat or even singing there and lunch will be served.

Every day of classes, we get to learn what we have learnt in theory but it’s in the water and this is all taught by Mae but the last day Collin was the one who taught my group for the compass. We get to learn how to set up our own equipments, how to take off goggles and wear it back, change regulators, breathing, hand signals, and more until how to wash our equipments and diving suits after each use. And mostly, how to walk like a diver haha. So we spent most of our day in the island until 4pm then on 21st July 2010 we are all certified! Check out the pictures and pictures do tell everything! Love ya lots!

Pictures Below: (Left) Can you spot me in Green pants? (Right) My group with Mae and E-Wan, our intructors!
Pictures Below: Underwater training, taking off goggles.
Pictures Below: Me and my buddy, Dewina, always stay close together. E-Wan always take care of us!
Picture Below: It's me and I love this picture very much!
Picture Below: Photoshooting and everyone JUMP!
Picture Below: (Right) Walking to the boat for deep sea dive. (Left) I'm ready to dive in!
Picture Below: All of us include Sabah Tourism Board officers, Diving Instructors, and us.
Picture Below: Final day of training and we get our certificates! Spot me in Light brown pants ;)
Pictures all credits to Benny Liew and Borneo Divers


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