Saturday, 16 August 2008


Secret Recipe's Cakes

Having a busy day in town on.. Monday I guess.. If I'm not mistaken. Aha!

Mum, Meatball and I went to town and I pay my DIGI bills.. They cut down my line because I over use it. Lol. Malunya..

We had a tea break in Secret Recipe Warisan Square and we ordered 3 cakes which are..

1. Carrot Cake. Mums Favourite!
2. Chocolate Indulgence
3. Low-Fat Peach

While we are waiting for the cakes, the waiter actually gave us 4 forks but we only have 3 person sitting there. Maybe... the waiter saw something we don't? Then I played my mum buy keep on talking to the side, pretend that there are someone sitting beside me. Naughty me. Lol.
Ehh.. This month is .. Careful ya! Drive carefully and don't go out till late at night..

Now here's the pictures!
Picture Below: Carrot Cake

Picture Below: Chocolate Indulgence Picture Below: Low-Fat PeachCan you found out which one is the delicious one?

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