Wednesday, 13 August 2008


It happens again

"Family Ties are precious things
Woven through the years,
of laughter, love and tears.

Family ties are cherished things
forged in childhood days,
by love of parents deep and true,
by tradition, by family ways.
Family ties are treasured things
and far though we may roam,
the tender bonds with those we love
still pull our hearts toward home."

Simon.. Why you have to do this again to Angel?

I really speechless when I heard it again.
Why you can't stop it Simon?
Is that really hard for you to let go or you can't let go?

It's really unfair to Angel, do you understand me?
When I listened to every each of word coming out from Angel's mouth or when I look at her, I cried. Not because of you jerk but for the greatest woman in the world. She worked so hard to raise your children. Do you ever think about it? Ask your heart. Did you ever called your children when they are in overseas? Do you ever take your responsibility?

Maybe yes. When? I tell you when. Is the only time when you picked the phone to say "Hello?". Not saying much and pass it to Angel for who called.

You might consider your child, Adelaide who are taking degree out there but what about Claire? She's having exams right now don't you know that? Things happen always when Claire is having exams. How you want her to try her best and prove that she can do well by out perform herself? She's trying to get A's this time but is this all you have to pressure her and make her lost faith in exams? No.

Remember the time Claire having her SPM? What happened to her? Yes. She cried, she shouted, she fainted, she kneeled down and beg and she have problems now. Problems like sickness? I don't know.. She didn't tell me much about it. How about in overseas? Don't ever think that she don't know anything from you because of the distance. She struggle so hard for the course but grades keep falling after the 3rd semester. Claire is not a clever girl but at least she tried her best and she think further.

Claire told me everything about it and I'm really sad and sorry to hear it.. again. Claire don't wanna speak out or judge anything when she's in the house because she doesn't wanna things happen again. She hope you change and she thought you had changed. For what I've listened to her, she's extremely disappointed this time. She observe but not to talk and why is that? Think yourself. Someone who thinks, they thought a lot.

I don't think you are the role model for mostly people think that father is the role model. Simon, for your act, ask yourself, should you be a role model or are you a role model now? Do you feel ashame or proud? Not that Angel didn't give you chances. Recall back Simon, how many times and chances that give to you and you drop it?

You used to say, "find a rich guy and marry him!"
Hmm.. In this case..
Are you a rich man that Angel married to?

Suddenly remind me about last Sunday.
I was cleaning the places, your picture keep drop from the cupboard. I wonder why and how it drop itself? Perhaps, it is a sign. Sign of what? I don't know but it's scares.
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