Friday, 24 October 2008


I'm sick

Really can't stand it anymore.
I had this itchiness since few weeks ago but yesterday it getting worst.

I scratch and scratch my hand and leg.
It comes up to my shoulder already!
*Scratch scratch now*

So sad that my beautiful smooth smooth fair fair skin become redness all over. Not that scary la, just that I really sad about it. I felt so....... down because of my skin.. Why..

Today, went to the clinic.
Then, once the doctor look at my hand, he said

" OMG serious liao lo. Why don't come early? "
" Ehhh... *look at mum* "
" Haiya, today she complaint then I know one ", mum said.
" Haiyooo.. *using kaleidoscope* She's allergic leh "
" Do you wanna injection? ", doctor asked.
" K la k la inject. Fast fast cure better ", said me.
" Okay la. Lay on the bed *go off*, said doctor
" Nahh.. doctor wanna inject your pi gu luu ", said mum.
" No la. He want I relax mah ", said me.
" Once doc ask you to lay on bed means he wanna inject your pi gu la! ", said mum.
" Ya mehh.. No la.. ", said me.
"Believe me in this one", said mum.

Few minutes later, Doctor come back
" Come, turn around, I wanna inject your pi gu", said doctor.
" Ohhh...*

Now I need to apply the lotion that doctor gave.
After apply, my skin getting better.

Picture Below: My hand

You know what my sister said this afternoon when she know I injected my butt? She said,"Eh.. I realise that you pi gu very famous one lo. Almost every year also kena inject pantat. Last time in KL kena Chinese way jarum pi gu also"

I thought the itchiness cause by the blood donation that day. Who knows the needle is not clean? Omg lo.. should I need a body check up?
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