Saturday, 11 October 2008


Blood Donation

Can't believe I didn't update my blog for a week!
Well, I just came back from movies with Church members and Yum Cha with Aldrich's Siblings.
Yesterday I had no time to blog because too many work to do and donated blood.
In that moment when I donate my blood, Jenette was the one who want to donate but end up only me who donate because she has not enough red blood cell. So Jenette, drink more "Hong Zao" haha.

So, I think the moment that I donate blood was a disaster because the person in not professional, I guess? Aldrich say "he must be a Freelancer". The person tried and poke many times to find my urat. OMG.. I think he already inject the painkiller equals to none cause I can feel the pain when the needle pull and poke into my arm for.. 6 to 7 times? ARGHH!

Jenette help me to take a video of it. OUCH!

More to say, my hand turn to purple colour and you can differentiate the colours of my hand in the picture below. Now, I'm still in pain. Yeah.. One day had pass and it still pain.

The nurse who need to test on our blood whether is AB, A, B, or O right? In my opinion, she just a beginner because
her hand is shivering when she was taking our blood from our finger for testing. There are a student who take her blood test for two times. Ouch!
Can't stand that if that was me.

After donate blood, I have Pilate class at 6pm. So I went back to Jenette's home to rest and attend my Pilate class. Then later in night, join mum's Line dance.

Thanks to mum that she came to school and wait for me to finish my blood donation. She came to the venue as well and seeing me laying on the bed. Then after that she bring us all for tea.
Picture Below: Jenette is filling the formPicture Below: The FormPicture Below: Person beside me donate for the first timePicture Below: My blood in 450Picture Below: My hand (See the colours? Don't see my fat)Picture Below: The big hole (kena poke)

Video Below: Play it then You'll see what happened

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