Friday, 3 October 2008


Happy Birthday to Jackson!

My dear, Happy birthday.
So sad that I couldn't make it straight to the time 00:00 to post in here. Look down and check what time did I blog.. *sob sob*

Well, A Letter to Jackson..

Hey.. You know what?
I on purposely didn't find you for weeks just let you thought that I had forgotten about this day! Wow.. It's hard you know? Friendster didn't reply you, msn didn't find you, for all man! Lol. But hey! In Malaysia time 00:00 I did sent you a SMS. Did you receive it?

Really miss you. I know you started your class already and you are so busy with your best pal and Lao pos Pinky and Christine. So have fun then you all. Take Care.

This time, thought that could celebrate with you because I'm back to KK right. Who knows you went to London. So what to do? Studies are more important! It's your future and you have to struggle it hard de oh! You've promised me!

So, Pinky and Christine are gonna celebrate with you. Again! Just like those days they celebrated with you in KL.

Remember to look at our picture oh!
Our one and only picture! Lol!
Issit still you put it in your wallet huh?

Anyway, you must take good care of yourself ah!
Remember about the one year plan of us!

Here to wish you, Happy birthday my dear!
'Dai gor zai.. yiu shang sheng' lol!

Nah.. don't say I didn't celebrate with you la.
I celebrate with you here.
Attached with your favourite food. lol!!
P/s: I know London's nicer..

Picture Below: Cawanmushi?Picture Below: Salmon SushiPicture Below: Chirashi SetPicture Below: UdonPicture Below: Unagi SetPicture Below: Coffee Pudding Open mouth wide Jackson!
There you go
Happy Birthday
Love Ya! Mwaahhs!
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