Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Found the Ring

Can't believe that I've found my gone-long-ago ring!
I bought this for Aldrich and I when I was still in Secondary and it gone since few years ago! Yeahh.. I remember it is Form 5 I lost it.

Wow.. Want to know where did I found it back?
In my pocket.... =.="'

Lucky that it didn't gone off from my tiny pocket behind.
Lucky I didn't wear my short pants often.
If not, it never come back again! haha

Actually, I didn't bother to care about the pocket much but yesterday night, I was boring and keep on walking here and there in Yvonne's house to prepare her wedding. Then before I gonna lay on the bed, I play with my pockets to check whether it was true pockets or fake pockets.

Suddenly, I hold it!

Letter to Aldrich:
See baby..
I'd found it back!
God Bless me!
Lucky I didn't give up yours few years ago when I knew mine was gone. Hehhee..

Now I found it back, It came back to me, Then we got another "new" ring to wear! Where's yours?

Love you my baby!
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