Saturday, 18 October 2008


Wonderful Yesterday Part 2

Well, to continue the Part 1, the next step we learnt there was How to have a basic make up.

From there, then I know how to apply make ups especially the foundation.

Normally I didn't care that much of which area or side we need to apply the foundation but in the workshop then I knew that we must apply the foundation downwards.

I seldom use make ups. Haha. I only make up when there's dinner to attend hohoho..

Step 1: Foundation
To even out the skin tone.

Step 2: Concealer
To cover spot/ marks.

Step 3: Lightening Touch
Reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines in a flash.

Step 4: Loose Face Powder
To set the foundation for long lasting coverage.

Step 1: Eye Colour
Step 2: Eyeliner
Step 3: Eyelash Curler
Step 4: Mascara
Step 5: Eye Brow

Cheek and Lip
Step 1: Cheek Colour
Step 2: Lip Liner
Step 3: Lip Colour
Picture Below: Make upPicture Below: Method of How to apply FoundationPicture Below: Make up objects Picture Below: Guys Learning tooPicture Below: Me after make up
Picture Below: My Certificate of Attendance

Hey hey... Now you all know my name already.. =.=
Can't believe I get a certifecate for this! lol...

So, who wanna make up now?

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