Saturday, 18 October 2008


Beautiful Yesterday Part 3

This one is about..

Yups.. yesterday I also busy because of attending Ceremony.

So, hmm.. nothing to say actually because the Pictures say it all! Haha.. I'm happy I'm part of it and I'm happy for my friends too!

I would like to share something regarding to this award.
At first, we (Jenette and I) didn't know that we got this award. By then, our former teacher in Semester 1 asked whether we wanted to join The Body Shop Workshop. Yeah.. in Part 1 and Part 2, my last post related to "Beautiful Yesterday".

While Miss Corinna asked, mention Jenette's name only.
So I was like.. 'Omg Omg.. me leh me leh?'(In my heart).
That time, Miss also not sure so she decided to go back to the office and check once more. By that time, she confirmed that Jenette get it.

Then I saw my name outside the office.
I thought that an announcement for who didn't pay bills but I paid. Then I asked the lady in the office.
"Why my name outside oh?"
"Har? You get the award lo.."
"Issit?", I said. Continued with.....
"Oh! That's my name in the list!"
"Haiya.. You didn't read what stated above meh.."

Congratulations to all!
Specially for my friends.

Oh ya! My cheque!
They put my name wrongly..
Grrr.. gonna change it on Monday!

Picture Below: The announcement

Picture Below: They type my name wrongly. Hate it!Picture Below: My classmate, Lecturer and IPicture Below: Miss Venezuela and Me (Tough Girl Lol..)Picture Below: Miss Rovena and OtenPicture Below: Miss Rovena and JenettePicture Below: Miss Rovena and Lisa. She get Excellent!Picture Below: Miss Janie and OtenPicture Below: Miss Janie and JenettePicture Below: Miss Janie and LisaPicture Below: Miss Janie and ME!Picture Below: My Certificate

Now you can make sure my name is real. Lol..

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