Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Selamat Hari Raya

What a hot day today!

Actually, I'm suppose to be following and joining Henry and Nath to the Island. But, too bad. I have no transport to go to the port there because Jenette can't make it too. No worries Jenette, there will be next time! Hahhaha! December december~~

So, yups. Look after mum's shop but nothing to do. Finally get to see my God Father. Really miss him because last few days.. I mean WEEKS that I didn't show up in my mum's shop. So received some kisses from him. Lol.

In the afternoon, went to a place called Mengkabong to visit one of my dad's and mum's friend. OMG.. along the way to there, my dad can't even remember the place. Turn in and out, left and right, up and down, just to find that house. My mum really get frustrated and asked my dad to turn back and go home. My dad didn't do it but straight away know the way to go to the house.

Wanted to take some pictures of the erm.. Cows, but can't. The car is movning! Lol.

After visiting them, way to go back home, I..
SLEEP in the car because it's toooo hot!
Really can't stand the weather for this few days and it's really change in sudden. My mum actually brought me and my 3rd sister to see something and I missed it. I did get up. Lol.. and I talked. But I can't remember that I really did it! Lol.

One minute there are rain and one minute there are sun and that is not the normal sun. It's the sun that really can burn me down!

But anyway, here I wish some of my friends,
Mimie, we "stay the same",
And to all my current classmates, Fitri and Wati, Zul.. others... erm.. I can't really differenciate who is celebrating Hari Raya la.. >.<

Selamat Hari Raya
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