Sunday, 26 October 2008


Make Me Fabulous

Have a makeover with Body shop, City Mall.

All of us sat on the chair which had distributed in the center then all of the people that having their shopping spree looking at us. Especially those who just came out from Giant..

Some of the people came forward (I mean really really near to my face) and watching us being make up. How shy.. *shame shame errr* Lol.

I love my make ups because they are using black in me.

Well, I didn't took the picture of the venue but I captured two leng luis.. Haha.

Picture Below: Chloe actingPicture Below: JenettePicture Below: Jenette with phonePicture Below: Chloe looking what you're typing LolPicture Below: Chloe

Picture Below: Which smile is nicer for Chloe?

I really seldom smile showing my teeth.. But most of the people say that,

" If you smile showing your teeth, you look more happy..."


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