Sunday, 12 October 2008


Japan Brochure

Done this and hand in the afternoon, 10.10.08.
Luckily Jenette and I had enough time to finish this assignment because she do the slides and I do the brochure. So both, NICE! Yeahh~! We are good sisters and partners! Hohohoho..

This time I use different software to do this brochure.

Last time, the first brochure that I did with Aldrich help, was using the Power Point. Couldn't done it before withour Aldrich. Love you baby. Then now, I tried to use the programme that Jackson installed in my computer, Microsoft Office Publisher, before he went to London.

Jenette, we got our own company oh! LoL.
Sdn. Bhd. some more. Hahaha.
I love it!

I'm so happy with my work this time.
Gonna show it to Aldrich too! kkekekekke..

Picture Below: Front page of the Japan brochure

Picture Below: The content of the brochure

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