Thursday, 9 October 2008


How to consider as GG?

I really don't understand. Again...

Not that I want to angry or whatsoever but the truth is, what is the wrong for worrying my belongings?

Now tell me, if something or someone that are important to you had gone or haven't come back to you, aren't you gonna feel worry or upset about it? Let me ask you then. If your beloved gold had gone and you can't find it anymore, aren't you gonna sad? Let's not talk about gold because that can be buy again. Let's talk about someone. If someone that you love so much had gone or never come back to you, aren't you gonna feel sad?

Of course at the very first moment you gonna feel sad right?
That's the same as how I felt for my laptop for not being in home.

Yes I know she can come back earlier than anytime.
I didn't angry her or feeling like wanna kill her but just panic. So, what is my wrong for worrying my homework that I need to follow up to finish it in my laptop? Once my laptop is not home yet, means I can't do my work. And of course in my mind, 8pm or 8.30pm she should be home because pilate class end at that time. I didn't realise that she will have some 'yum cha' section with her friends right? So, of course I'm gonna feel curious and get panic "Where is she? Why haven't come back yet? Where is my laptop?".

In this case, you are the one who make people start to misunderstand me! WHY! (hope you all don't misunderstand for this word 'you'. If you feel that this word 'you' are you, then it's you. I didn't specify anybody's name. So please don't simply type anything in my blog and please read carefully before you judge. Thank you.)

For me, my laptop is not a cheap thing because I'm not yet employed and I'm just a student. So I guess RM4000+ is a big number for me right?

So, here I want to say is.. You all always want the best thing for me right? So why can't I worry about my work? Or you all would love me to choose for not worrying anything? If you all saw and heard that I'm worrying about my work, aren't you all gonna feel happy about it? Because I didn't care much about my work before I went to College and you all really want me to struggle hard. Yes I did! So, why you all still scolding me for that?

I have plans for myself but it just like you all are against it. I don't mind because you all don't know what's the plan and I don't need to type it here. I have my principle and I still gonna stick to it! I respect you, I hope you will respect me as well. Not that I'm the youngest one, means you don't have to care and respect me.

I know in your heart, I'm the stupiest daughter or sister.
By saying that she is a "good girl" and not me?
You can say both right?
Then what's on my mind, is you are "Pilih Kasih".
Okay then.

Please don't say to anybody else again that I'm a good girl because I'm gonna change your sentence rightaway.

I know I always be in home late but how many times did I went out? In a month or weeks?

Where did I go? I never been to pub and never been to club but I went for yum cha with my dear Caren or Jenette. We shared our problems together but not doing something that are illegal. Even Aldrich here in Kota Kinabalu, we don't always go out and waste on our money. We even share our dinner for ordering just one plate. Almost everyday he came to our home and sit down, talk with me or look at what I am doing.

If I'm not the good one, I probably won't care about most of the works and the relationship. For me, relations between family should be good and understanding but you all are comparing.

Those who needs help, can be good in 2 mninutes by asking him or her to solve a problem and once finished, that person who needs help turn their faces into a black face with sharp teeth. OR Once you ask me things, I answered you nicely. Once I ask you things, you gonna be talking to a dog?

For this thing you say I'm a bad girl and she's the good one?
Yet, you still wanna compare it?
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