Saturday, 4 October 2008


Ghost or Human Body?

Yesterday night, I finally finished my assignment.
Thanks to my best partner and cousin Jenette!
When I was on my way home, sitting at the back of the car, and in front me was my Dad and Mum.
There were only three of us.
As they are talking, I was looking outside the window.
I saw something usual which is a Human body or ghost. I'm confused too but I didn't get shocked because I'm thinking of whether I see ghost, or human.

At first, I really sure that it is a Human body.
Because I see it clearly and I can actually describe.
Is a man with dark skin colour, short hair (Philippine style), wearing knee length shorts, and white singlet. When the time I saw "him", guess where?
Hanging on the Excavator.

After two minutes, I stop my mum's conversation with dad and say..
"What?", she said.
"Nothing lah.." I said. (Coz mum scare to hear "those" thing)
"What's wrong?", said her
"Nothing lehh.."
"You saw that one issit?", said her.
"Erm.. I think yes? or no?"
"Pray la! Don't think too much!", said dad.
"No lehh.. but.. I don't think is a ghost. The feelings is normal than seeing that and I saw how 'that' look like"
"Is a man, clearly with legs and hands. White singlet, dark skin, short hair.. hanging on the excavator"
"Impossible. Who will hang on the excavator?", said her.
"I don't know..", said me.
"I think you saw that thing la.. not human bah", said her.
"You this.. nothing else to look at", said dad.

This afternoon (Just now).
Meatball's friends came to mum's shop.
I told them about it and one of them smile, one of them say
"Maybe is not that one oh.. I think is a human body and they cover the story didn't put in on newspaper. Impossible you see that clear"
If you are the one who saw it, surely disgusting.
Cause its really hanging there. No blood.
But the whole body, facing to the road.
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