Sunday, 4 July 2010


Audition for Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010

Hello family, friends, bloggers, and readers! EVERYBODY!
I know it’s been so long that I have update! Sorry for that and I’m so going to tell you what had happen in the past few weeks since it's official now!

Well, it happens on 19 June 2010.
There is an audition for Miss Borneo Tourism International 2010 in Hyatt Regency Hotel and yes I went there and try my luck.

Once I am there, I thought nobody is there but I saw Stella Matilda at first then Cassandra Patrick! They are so friendly and I feel really warm when I saw both of them. They are really pretty and really admire them a lot. Okay, let’s cut it short because I have to update like three or more tonight! I don’t know! Haha!

This is it! When I went back at 2pm, everyone started to take pictures by the professional photographer Benny. Started to talk to everyone there but not all... I didn’t get to talk to everybody because I was nervous and barely know how to pose. Yes, I’m worried. But, lucky the photographer Benny taught me how.

Then, once my name was called, I walked in. Looking at Cassandra and Stella sitting there, I AM NERVOUS! But then, I don’t know why I have a strange feeling like, really warm in there. So, cool down just a little bit but still nervous because they are really pretty! Haha! So, I introduced myself, questions and answers sections and the talent show. After that, all we do it to wait for the results.

Everybody needs to walk in together because it’s time for results! But before the results, everybody get a chance to introduce themselves again. 8 ladies only are going to continue to the next level and the others can’t. Well, I was in shocked when they called out my name that I am going to continue to the next level. So, this is considered as the 8 semi-finalist in Sabah. Then, both Cassandra and Stella are going to Sarawak to find 8 more ladies to be in the 8 semi-finalist in Sarawak.

What is the reason that I have been chosen?
It was true that what Cassandra said in the end. Haha and I totally agree with her.
“…….. but you need to control your diet la!”

So, I need to work out in that!
This is the pictures that we took that afternoon after the 8 semi-finalist are chosen professionally.

And oh ya!
Please do support their event because it’s international and do support me as well!
I’m Chloe! Haha! Of course you guys know! I hope to have a friendly match here because I can get to know more friends here in this event! Hehe!

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