Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Until I met him, 揚明.

If only you realised what did I post in my Facebook
"Omigod! I just took picture with a handsome artist! Yes yes yes. I did hug him!"

and my Twitter
"Yesterday was awesome that I hugged a Hong Kong artist! He's muscular and cute!"

飛女正傳 is his latest movie.

Well, yesterday night we were having dinner at Ocean Seafood Restaurant.
First, we saw this beautiful lady (a Hong Kong model actually after we asked) and then I found out that she's shooting with some media. My sister told me that maybe she's shooting for some of the Food Channels. So, maybe right?

Then, my sister saw this guy and asked me to reconfirm. Then, it's really the guy from those movies. His name is 揚明, Hong Kong actor and 飛女正傳 is his latest movie.

At first, I'm gonna miss the chance of taking picture with him because both of my sisters were just passing him. :(
Really sad that time but I don't wanna miss the chance! Then... I turn around, looking at him and asked
"Can I have a picture with you?"
and he glanced and replied, "Yes sure!"
I was so afraid that he will say 'Urgh, NO' but lucky still we get the chance! The truth is, he's friendly!

So, as we were taking pictures, he placed both of his hands to me and my sister. *Felt lucky that time* because others were looking at us!

Then, now you guess what did I do?
I put my hands on his waist. LOL.
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