Monday, 14 June 2010


Harapan Tanpa Suara - Kami Prihatin Kempen

Translate= Silent Hope - We care Campaign

God give us life right?
Human should appreciate it and we knew that. 

Life is a gift of God.

• It should be cherished.
• It should be nourished.
• It should be protected.


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If they do not want this to happen, why they wanna do that at the first place? But we who see, can not think that those who make mistakes is the only one who throws the baby.. Who knows, some of them is those parents who can't afford to raise a child.. Hard life.
I bet those who throw, will be sad too.
There's one person who said this in this video which is true. "Hand over the baby to someone rather than throw it. There maybe someone who are willing to adopt this little life." Well, our Miss Venezuela told us about this last week and I try to search for this video. Miss Venezuela added that, "we might not know is there any stray dogs who will bite the baby".

I cried when I was watching this video.
So, Please.
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