Thursday, 8 May 2014


#SHWGF2014 Baba Nyonya Cuisine at The Spice Island

Spending another night in Spice Island at Sutera Harbour Resort. This time, I get to try out their very first Baba Nyonya menu in the hotel and this will be the first hotel that thought of serving Baba Nyonya cuisine which is hardly get in Sabah. Of course, everyone know about the difficulties in preparing a perfect Baba Nyonya dish. So why don’t head down to The Spice Island and try out?

Walking in to the restaurant for the second time makes me kind of remember the perfect view of both resort and hotel, over looking the Marina with all beautiful white yacht and boats. Tables are all set up with the Baba Nyonya Basket - Joget Bakul Siah, with dimmed lights and dark maroon walls.

First dish was a HOT dish. Oh well, I remember I did posted a picture of it and said that we get excited after eating the Kerabu, not from the effect of the wine. 

1. Appetizer: Pie Tie and Kerabu Kacang Botol
Imagine, it’s really spicy, with a sourish taste.

 2. Soup: Sup Itik Tim (Duck Soup)

3. Main Course: Kari Udang, Ayam Kapitan, Beef with Plum Sauce, Ikan Asam Pedas, and Steamed White Rice

 4. Dessert: Abok Abok Sagu

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