Thursday, 20 November 2008


KL Trip in November Part11

Mid Valley is a nice and very nice place to shop and eat.

For me.. lol.

My mum loves Mid Valley so much until I can actually memorise every place in it but not The Gardens. Gardens are too new for me to memorise. If Mid Valley, when you say you are in XXXX shop or restaurant, sure I can find you! Hhahahha.

Picture Below: The way to The GardensPicture Below: The Gardens escalatorPicture Below: Yoo! (Nice porridge here!)Picture Below: Corner (Random take) We had our lunch at The Gardens where both of my guy friends, DJ Yat and Siah introduce us to go to the Japanese restaurant in there rather than having in Sushi King.
This Japanese restaurant named.. I don't remember! but it's on the top floor~ We had a great time there and the dishes are delicious! For real!
Picture Below: Long time didn't meet and eat!Picture Below: Chirashi SetPicture Below: Unagi SetPicture Below: Chasoba cold setPicture Below: ERm.. Chicken setPicture Below: Erm... Cold set?.
Yeah.. This time we had our dinner in 龙的传人. It's located near to the Cititel Hotel in North Court or South course I don't remember.. lol.
Picture Below: The ChefsPicture Below: Brinjal (Spicy one) NICE!Picture Below: Little Nephews dish, Steam ricePicture Below: Vegetables. NICE!Picture Below: Xiao Loong Bao. NOT THAT NICE!Picture Below: Mine. Spicy and sour pan mee. NOT NICEPicture Below: Taufu. OKOKPicture Below: Sister's dish. Plain Pan MeePicture Below: Sister's Dish. Tom yam??Picture Below: Don't remember.... sorry. hehehePicture Below: Dad's. Erm.. healthy rice?Picture Below: The Chopstick. EAT~!
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