Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Sleepy day

I just don't know why I getting lazy for this few days?
I guess not right?
Perhaps boring life just started.
No school.. but Aldrich back!
So guess I'm not boring right?
What am I talking about.... I think I'm getting crazy.


Ok here's this.
Once I had my lunch, I was sitting on the chair doing nothing. Yes I brought my laptop but I didn't switch it on. So I guess I just wasted my energy to carry my big and heavy laptop.

And guess what? I sleep for.. I think two hours in the shop?
I'm not sure but I did sleep.
Wow but then at night, wish that Aldrich would come and meet me up but he's exhausted. Helping in the church and the kids camp and so on.

So, just let him had a good night sleep.

But on that night, yes.. before sleep. I mean, dinner time we are invited to have a full moon dinner and it was actually the Uncle's birthday too! So now to forget about it now!
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