Sunday, 16 November 2008


KL Trip in November Part6

In my last two post KL Trip in Nov Part4, I said I'll post up the hair show! hahaha..
So,this is the Hair Show that held in Pavilion on 7 Nov!
Haha.. I was waiting for my sister alone and I was heading my way to find toilet.

Suddenly, I saw one row of ladies wearing differently and the toilet just infront of me. To choose between toilet and the models.. I chose.... MODEL! Lol!

Picture Below: Chasing the Picture

Picture Below: Model are preparing they even peep!Picture Below: Show StartedPicture Below: Cat Walk!Picture Below: Famous Hair DesignerPicture Below: The ModelsPicture Below: Promoting Hair ProductPicture Below: Hair ProductPicture Below: Wild Style ModelPicture Below: I love this picture the Most!Picture Below: The last picture I took before I leave PavilionComing soon.....


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