Friday, 14 November 2008


KL Trip in November Part2

On Graduation Day which was 8 November 2008. I saw.... DIANA TEO! Lol.

We met at the very first day in TARC hostel. She's a person who loves to watch movie whenever I passes her room everyday. I remembered she have a BLUE FRIDGE! Mostly we started our conversation with what? Lol.. the word 'bah'. Well, people who came from Sabah will start or end a conversation with a word 'Bah'. For example, "Bah, kenapa kau?" or "Kenapa kau bah!". It's a slang anyway. 

Letter to Diana,
Bah! Graduated subah bah! I wanna take more pictures with you bah.. but you too many fans already bahh.. I cannot take pictures already lo. >.<


Anyway, I didn't meet only Diana during the Graduation Day but I met '7 Flowers'. Well, that day 2 of them didn't come. I think I'm not considered as 'Flowers' horrr.. because they mostly called me 1st President to guild them all haha. I'm Dai Kar Jie Bah!

Really miss those days you all shared problems with me and solves all the problems. Anyway, if you all 7 flowers still have things to share and solve, feel free to tell me always. Okay? I'll be here always.
I know you all miss me.. Confirm one! Because we all shout together like we are the who graduated on that day until so happy! lol

Picture Below: Diana (banyak fan.. also many flowers)
Picture Below: Diana and IPicture Below: Group PicturesPicture Below: LeeHom (haha) fans and IPicture Below: Hohoho.. Hug me so tight! Confirm very miss mePicture Below: Wugui and IPicture Below: He is not in 7 Flowers okay?Picture Below: Future Multimedia Boss and IPicture Below: Group (Got NG!)Picture Below: Group (GOT NG ALSO!)
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