Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Checking on

It's a great day today..
Aldrich brought me for breakfast in Foo Phing and accompany him to have a hair cut and lastly we went to One Borneo.

Foo Phing is a place where we can eat great Dim Sum but I guess it's getting worst nowadays. As what's in to my mought this morning, the taste that I long for, had gone. I rather go to the other place I guess? No offence la.. No good food, no need to continue eat liao. Haha.

Reach One Borneo, they started on the decorations.
Started just today. Setting the castle like Disneyland, preparing the Santa Chairs where little kids can make their wishes, Large Christmas tree are all around!

Guess this is the first time ever Sabah had this kind of preparation and it's a good one. Keep it up!
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