Monday, 3 November 2008


Exam day

Sms Uncle Peter, My God Father before I walk in to the exam venue.

Dear Lord,
Thank you Father!
It's a wonderful day today, I'm satisfied.
Although some of the questions I couldn't answer,
I know You are there with me all the time. Guide me.
I love you Heavenly Father.

For today's paper, I'm satisfied
With You here, we are saved.
I will try my best for tomorrow's paper.
Although I'm bad in memorising Lord,
I know You will be there for me.
Not for the less, You will be with all of us who believe in you Lord.

Oh Father,
Today bad things had happened to Jenette.
Take away the fear and sadness in her Lord.
Give her peace and strength as the Archangel of Jenette, Gabriel did.
Please bless Aldrich for his coming exams.
Bless his church in Miri and his church members as well.
Bless all of my classmates and Jenette for tomorrow's exam.
As they are struggling so hard for this exam.
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