Sunday, 30 November 2008


Simple Rest time

A very tiring day today..
Work and clean my house for the whole day and manage to have a little walk and dinner in One Borneo.

Wagamama in One Borneo SO EXPENSIVE!
Hmm.. A set of Chirashi set cost for RM30+ and I think I will never have my second time in that restaurant because can't really afford it.

After that we head to Daiso.
A japanese superstore that sells everything in RM5.
I bought myself a hanger that I wanna pimp my cupboard and lastly I saw something that gave me an idea of making a bird house for my mum but I didn't buy the parts and I regret.. I think I will go back again and buy it!

Picture Below: Christmas Decoration of One BorneoPicture Below: Christmas TreePicture Below: Beef SobaPicture Below: Closer look of Raw BeefPicture Below: My Favourite is Ice Cream! (tiring eyes)
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