Monday, 17 November 2008


KL Trip in November Part8

Here comes IZZI!
The one you had long waited for. Lol.
IT's the first time ever I step into this restaurant and it was pack that night. Yeah.. I remembered. Hmm.. It's been a long time I stayed in KL and I didn't get to see this restaurant. Weird. It's just opposite where we usually take the bus back to Setapak area. Bus no.49.

Look infront to the building from the place where people usually take bus!!
We even looked at the fridge there showing all the cakes like Tiramisu, Strawberry filling cakes.. OMG.. Delicious man! My mum even ordered a Tiramisu and she need to eat it BEFORE DINNER. That's what meatball said to the waiter as mummy told.
I was so sad that I didn't get to eat the Strawberry filling cake. It was cute and yummy looking but too full to fit in to my tummy... *sobs*
Well... what more?
My pictures say it all again!
Showing that there are discounts, tasty foods like pizza, pasta, salad, cute little bun with garlic and more! Worth it for the whole dinner.

Picture Below: The Restaurant's Name and SloganPicture Below: The MenusPicture Below: Meatball's Pointing at foodsPicture Below: Prove I was right of worth itPicture Below: Tiramisu CakePicture Below: Forgetten name of dish but... Picture Below: It's filled with ApplePicture Below: Another view of itPicture Below: Cute bun with garlic spread and ButterPicture Below: PastaPicture Below: SaladPicture Below: PizzaPicture Below: Pasta with ChickenPicture Below: Another Taste of Pizza
Anyway, these is what I bought for that day!
Picture Below: My new clothes and pant
Picture Below: My Beautiful Dress and Blouse
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