Saturday, 15 November 2008


KL Trip in November Part5

I remembered in the morning, my family and I had our breakfast downstairs at the hotel. It's like everyday we had the same breakfast. Guess what's that? American Breakfast!

Picture Below: American Breakfast

This is the place where we had our breakfast.
It's a market where they are selling fruits, clothes and so on.
My mum loves this place because there are selling Hainam Coffee in one of the restaurant and it's actually original Hainamnese there!

Picture Below: Pasar ImbiPicture Below: Kari MeePicture Below: Hainam BreadPicture Below: PopiahPicture Below: Zhu Cheong Fun

But in the afternoon on 7 November 2008 my sister's friend brought us to eat Chicken Rice.

Hmm.. But I forgotten what's this place called but this shop is considered famous because 'Ah Sien' ever go to this restaurant!
Picture Below: Where I had my lunch

Picture Below: Char Siew (Pork Meat)Picture Below: Steamed Chicken

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