Tuesday, 18 November 2008


KL Trip in November Part9

Guess I had nothing much to say about what happen in
8 November. To recall, it was my sister's Graduation Day.
Anyway, I did met my old friends who are still continuing their studies in Tar College. Thanks to Kenny, Jdee, Sook Kuan, Yen and Ruan. For those who didn't come and meet up with me, never mind, I know some of you busy. I'll be back again in May 09. Hope.
So, perhaps I only can post what's for dinner on that night.
We had our perfect dinner at the back of Times Square.
Located under the tree? Yeps. I'm correct!
How to go?
You take a few steps by walking to the Times Square back door where there are escalators and many colourlights. Turn to your right side and pass across the street. Continue to walk staright until you nearly reach to the end, across to the other road and you will see the place. It was in the end of the road where cars can turn to the other junction!
Try it out!
Picture Below: Coconut with Chicken inside (Greatest of all)

Picture Below: Our dishes. Enough for 7 peoplePicture Below: Dead meat chicken. Lol. Herbal ChickenPicture Below: Chicken Foot with MushroomPicture Below: Kari Babi Hutan aka Forest Pork CurryPicture Below: Fat PorkPicture Below: Place behind the Times Square KLPicture Below: Empty Coconut! Look like Eyeball hahaPicture Below: Me again preparing for Convocation

Wait for my updates of Mid Valley!
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