Thursday, 13 November 2008


KL Trip in November Part1

Yesterday about 10pm got home and.. I don't have my laptop with me.
Tsk tsk.. so sad.
Hmm.. so what do I need to blog first?
Shopping or Graduation?
Anyway, I think Graduation first would be good.
We went to Kuala Lumpur to attend my sister's graduation.
When I reached Tar College..
Thinking and Looking back my class in SOT building.
Wondering and Flash back all the times where my D-Rex Group was sitting and chit chatting in the canteen. OMG..
So let's start with the day before 5 Nov 2008.
My sister just get a message from her friend saying that there's a form need to be fill in and print it and what-so-ever. Omg.. Can't her friend tell my sister earlier? The day before then say? Omg! Then she was panic but everythings okay in the end.
Okay now, on Graduation Day which is on the 8 November.
Picture Below: Panic moment filling the formPicture Below: Flowers that given by TangPicture Below: Lovely Piggy with Innocent EyesPicture Below: Graduate Student with MeritPicture Below: Thousand of studentsPicture Below: Business Students in redPicture Below: Her Classmate. I only know the CameramanPicture Below: Group of LadiesPicture Below: Picture of the day (for me). Nice and WarmPicture Below: Students of Adv. Dip.Picture Below: Up up there you go!Picture Below: Me - " Wait for my updates"

Last thing, many of my sister's friend said that we look alike. Do we? Haha

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