Thursday, 27 November 2008


Inti Funtastic Day Part1

I heard Jenette say that Twilight is a nice movie!
I had a task to do as appointed by one of my friend.
Actually I didn't know well about this guy but I still help.
Anyways, I really don't mind helping people but once you need help, you have to treat people with a right attitute because I am helping you with all my strength and heart.

I'm not saying about my friend but his friend.
Yes, I'm not your servant nor maid and the kids too.

They are just kids and they are naughty as well because they are not grown up. Of course they have their tiny little world inside themselves. So please be understanding of these kids as they are still kids and please be polite in every words you speak out from your dirty little mouth.

You ask them to throw the rubbish or carry anything but did you ever think that do they have the strength to carry all those heavy things? Here I ask you then, when you ask them to do anything, did you do it too? I guess you are the second car which left the destination and we are the last one.

The kids are under my control as I am guarding and leading them. Don't you have enough friends to help you out?

The course or the event is belonged to you all Hotel Management student and we help it out. We can choose not to help you out but we didn't and we did our best and till the last to done. You know why we help until the end? Because we kept our promises and we will never break it.

If we didn't help, will you finish it all that early?
Hmm.. Don't care about it now as it has already the past.
I'm gonna show how is the Ghost House look like!
With CY's idea and help of all the kids.. Only then we can finish it all.

Picture Below: The Ghost HousePicture Below: Another View of the Ghost HousePicture Below: the Naughty Kids. LolPicture Below: The CoffinPicture Below: The place where I scares peoplePicture Below: Effect of the Ghost move by itself because aircondPicture Below: The DoorPicture Below: One of the Mask
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