Sunday, 16 June 2013


Jazz throughout the night at 7th KK Jazz Festival 2013

I am actually thinking of putting out the footage that I have recorded during the KK Jazz Fest 2013 in Sutera Harbour but still, I think it’s not the time yet? I don’t know. Let’s see how it goes. I’m having dilemma now whether to buy a MacBook or not.

Now I’m in my new job and it’s really lucky to get free tickets for most of the events in Kota Kinabalu. Thank you!!! And of course, thanks to Carlsberg for sponsoring another ticket. You know lah, one person going alone to this kind of event is nah. But, I really enjoy that night.

What's that RM2 tickets I got on my hand? It's for the food that you got to purchase from Sutera Harbour. All the stalls are there and it's only a few that you can choose. Seriously. Good thing is, The Coffee Beans and Tea Leafs are there and 50% discounts for the selected drinks! Truly enjoy it ;)

The line-up for KK Jazz Fest this year is ok for me. I love the Shanghai Jazz which performed by Janet Lee. Even though most of her songs are in Mandarin but it certainly entertained us all with her beautiful and strong voice. Also from the Australia, love the duos. They are unique; different than the rest.

Videos? Yes? No? Let me know.

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