Friday, 14 June 2013


Sabah's traditional palm-roof making

Have you ever tried making a roof for your own house? Well, it’s not for my own house but at least I have tried to build one with my bare hands. In fact, most of us are living in this modern world right now; the use of traditional palm roofs is getting lesser yet it is what I call – a waste.

In my opinion, no matter how far we are, we must protect and remember our heritage. Take some time to understand the local native people here in Sabah and to know their lifestyle. It’s another world there, which is really warm and nice. What more if you are born Sabahan?

I was visiting a village in Papar called the Koposizon Homestay. There are several activities that you can participate. Attending a demonstration of Sabah’s traditional palm-roof making or what we called the ‘atap’ is fun. To be honest, it’s my first time trying out. As mentioned, it is handmade from nipah palm leaves. By using the stem as the needle, it connects all leaves together after you fold each of them.

Do you know how these traditional handmade palm roofs amazed me? It can actually last for over 20 years! You just have to visit our cultural villages here in Sabah. Be amazed!

My result? Not bad. ;)

When I met this lady, eventually we clicked to each other. I don’t know why, but maybe it’s in my blood. She did say that its fate that bring us together and I’ll be her one-day daughter; just like how a Homestay programme is. Lovely and it’s a great experience under her guidance. Thank you!
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